Halifax Central Junior High


Halifax Central Junior High

1787 Preston St
Halifax, NS B3H 3V7


Phone Numbers


Office - Safe Arrival Phone (902) 421-6777​  Press 0 Main Office Press 1 for Safe Arrival
School Hrs 8:50am - 3:15pm ( 8:30 Entry)​
Fax (902) 421-2868​
Email central@hrce.ca
Nut. Break 10:55am - 11:00am  Lunch 12-1:10pm (1:00pm Entry)

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our school. We believe that each of you brings to the school a unique combination of energies, talents, and interests. Our programs have been designed to provide you with opportunities to reach your potential and strive toward excellence.

Our School is:

• a school body of 139 students and 23 full and part time staff members working together to make the school year very special.
• an administrative and support staff of a principal, vice-principal, guidance counselor, admistrative assistant, student support teacher, student centre teacher, 3 EPA's, library support technician, music/band/choir and two caretakers.
• a Home and School Association involved in the school through fund raising and organizing volunteers
• a School Advisory Council made up of parents and guardians, students, and staff who meet on a regular basis
• a building usually occupied by students and staff from early in the morning to late in the day
• a school that values and encourages exploration and achievement in the 4 A's - Academics, Athletics, the Arts and positive attitude

Our Mission Statement is:

The mission of the school as a dynamic, caring community of life-long learners is to create engaging learning opportunities by providing a safe and respectful setting, in which each person's gifts and talents are valued, self-confidence is cultivated, the pursuit of excellence is promoted, and improvement is honoured.